Monday, 12 March 2012

How to do the perfect lip shoot 5th Mar

My idea behind this shoot was to show how to do the perfect lip. I wanted to do this in 4 stages.
Lip liner,
Fill the lip with lip liner,
Lipstick, then
The final image will be the right page of the spread and fill the whole page. While the others are set out in the same way as my behind the scenes segment, with the text and the image next to it then below there will be the next image and then the text and then below the third image and text. The text will explain what to do.
These are the four unedited images.

I then did the write up of this section in the magazine and edited the images this is the final page.
I did the photographer in a lesson with Jason Klass, this really helped as the images went straight up on screen and I could see if there were any brush strokes or if the lipstick had bled. I also had him there to help with the set up and the lighting as i find this the most difficult part. I did not get on with my model however. She was an hour and a half late even though i rang her the night before and that morning to remind her.  She was also uncooperative and made the shoot had than it had to be. I had asked her a week before to exfoliate her lips a few days before which she did do which made the images look a lot better. She also did not look like the images I had seen of her on model mayhem, so I will not be working with her again. But I am extremely happy with the final images.

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