Monday, 12 March 2012

Illamasqua Shoot 12th Mar

I did this shoot with mainly Illamasqua products. This image is going to feature next to the interview with Julian Kynaston. The shoot went really well, except the photographer was running late and didn't think to tell me until I asked her where she was. I found the model on model mayhem, in her profile pic she had really strong, edgy make-up so I knew she could handle a lot of make-up. I wanted to go with a cat-shaped eye. I went with a purple and navy/black smokey eye, pink/purple lips with a black liner and contouring. The reason for this was because the look would be quite dramatic, and dark and this is how I see Illamasqua. Also I wanted the image to be really strong and powerful. I'm currently editing the images, the eyeliner need some work as it isn't perfectly straight. This is the edited image so far.

I love the contrast of the model's pale skin and the dark make-up and the clash with the make-up and her red hair really makes the make-up pop. I used a lot of the techniques I was taught at the school of make-up art. It still needs further editing but I really happy with the overall image. I am considering to crop the image but I want to finish editing it first and see how it looks once printed. I wanted this image to be really close up so it really displays the strong make-up.

After speaking to Brent, he showed me a better way to edit the eyeliner flick than using the spot healing brush, I used the clone tool and it looked much better.

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