Monday, 5 March 2012

UV Trend testing 29th Feb

 I found the UV trend on I was really inspired by these 2 images.

I work at Photo Shoot Studio, so I thought this would be the best place to do it as I can change the light bulbs to UV ones and I can use the studio for as long as I need. I used UV aquacolours and put them under the UV lights to see how they came out. The only problem i had was that the orange and pink look almost the same. I then flicked paint into my hair to see how it would look on camera. After looking at the images it was clear that the paint through the hair was hardly noticeable so i decided to add more paint. The more paint i added the better it looked. I would need help on this shoot as ii have to shoot the model in a black box to make the make-up really stand out and I need to use reflectors to highlight the models face otherwise you'd just see the make-up not the model. I have arranged this shoot for the 15th of March and I'm asking the first from whose buddy up contract I received.
These are images from the test shoot.

 This shoot was about testing the makeup and the light. I brought 2 UV bulbs and as you can see it wasn't strong enough lighting to show the UV make-up so I then borrowed a backlight to make the image more blue like my inspirations. I had some real difficulty with the make-up. At first the pink aquacolour i used on my lips (in the first images) came out orange. So i had to try UV lipsticks which came out patchy so i've brought a UV lip pencil from stargazer and this should hopefully help as i'll be able to coat the lips with pencil first and then apply lipstick. I also had problems with my UV mascaras. In the last image you can see the purple mascara came out well under the UV lights and the green mascara wasn't has clear so i covered them in the green UV aquacolour colour on top of the mascara and this came out better. The orange aquacolour worked really well and was really strong. The blue UV eyeliner I used did not show up at all and as I want the skin to come out blue in the picture I will have to use another colour. This was just rough make-up just to see what colours and products showed up, that's why the circles are not perfect.

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