Monday, 5 March 2012

Heavy Metal Trend Shoot 1st Mar

The next trend to shoot was the heavy metal trend. I found this trend on I researched into gold leaf and decided that's what I wanted to use in my shoot. I brought Leaf metal that came in silver, bronze and gold, however, unlike normal leaf metal it came in flakes not in sheets.

I was inspired by these two images. I really likes the idea of focusing round the hair line. I practised applying gold leaf to the face and hair that day in the make-up room until i was happy with the look. I decided to keep the make-up sultry and smokey. I used a lot of bronzers and shimmers and created a smokey eye with bronze colours and browns. I also decided to keep the model's hair out of the image and just have focus on the face and hair line. I also wanted to use the hands in the image so painted the models nails gold to go with the rest of the look. This is my final image.

I decided to go for an image where the model was facing forward. This images is really eye catching and you connect with the model as it looks as if the model's looking directly at uni. I think this image will work well in a magazine because the readers will stop and look at it rather than just flick through. Although this isn't a look someone would wear you can take parts of it like the eye make-up or the colours etc, and as i've photographed the products and put them on the page next to this the reader can see how they could change the work and still work from the same colour palette.
this is the unedited image, it needs editing obviously. The colour balance needs to be changed and there are spots of eyeshadow where it has dropped onto the cheek bones.

At first I over edited the image and it looked blurry and messy. So I started again. This is the next edited version.

I wanted this image to be soft but still edgy. I love that the model is looking directly at the reader, it really draws the readers in and it creates a connection with the model and the reader. I wanted the hands in this image as i wanted it to be a close up beauty image. It still needs further editing as there's a spot on the models head that looks like a dirt patch this is caused by the fools gold eyeshadow dust I used. This is the final edited:
I also shot the product page. This will feature next to this image to show readers how to get the look.

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