Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Agenda Beaut Shoot 13th Mar

I while ago I was contacted by Agenda beauty. They are a new make-up brand releasing in April this year. They asked me if I wanted to be a product reviewer and be an artist representative. They sent me some products in the post and I asked them to do an interview for me as I thought it would be useful for people who want to start their own make-up brand. They only send me a blush and a eye shadow in the post which they wanted me to create a whole look from using pretty much just their products. I really wanted to tie this in with my magazine so I had to think of new ways to use the products. I tried mixing the colours with water and Vaseline to see what would work best. Mixing the green eyeshadow with water worked so well, it turned into a paste like texture and it really brought out the pigments and the glittery shine it had.

I decided to do this shoot in steps as I didn't want to go all in and not like the image. Jennifer gave me this idea in a meeting about our progress that morning. I decided to use Illamasqua skin base foundation as i wanted the skin to be flawless. Then used the blush and and eye shadow normally to start with. I also used eyebrow cake from Illamasqua, I thought that this may look best for my work and I could always send another to agenda beauty. I liked this image however, it didn't feel very me. I felt it was too simple and against the rest of the imagery in the magazine this image wouldn't compare with standard and would not make my readers stop to look at the image which isn't the point. I then mixed the eyeshadow with water and used it to create a lip line. I kept the lip colour nude as i wanted the green to be the focal point of the image. I decided to go with an angle lip with a pointed cupids bow as I wanted to contrast with the soft, blended green on the eyes. This I felt made the imagery much stronger but I still wanted to push it further so after a few frames of this I changed the brows. I then used the green eyeshadow the same way I would use eyebrow cake. I loved the contrast between the harsh brows and lips with the soft eyeshadow and this became my final image.

I had worked with this photographer previously and we really got on well, she takes direction well and has loads of ideas and really prepared well for the shoots she had done before so I knew she would be happy to do this. Agenda beauty loved the imaged and I will be the artist representative for April 2012 and I will be the first one and will open the brand.

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