Saturday, 10 March 2012

Brushes Double Page Spread

In the magazine I decided to do a double page spread on make-up brushes. I wanted to label them and state their uses.
I had seen this in Make-up is Art by Jana Ririnui and Lan Nguyen, and I really liked the idea.

I decided to lay the brushes out scattered and I didn't want it to look too neat. I then edited the photos and and labeled all the brushes.
This was my first try. After review with my lecturers  they made me realise I need to think about the text more. The text was overpowering the image and taking the attention away from the brushes. It was to bold and too big. So I thought do the title in black and the description in gray. So I tested different fonts that I liked.
I then re-wrote the brush pages.

But after printing them out the text was too small and the gray text was too light. As I still was 100% sure on the text I had chosen for these copies the text was Book Antiqua. I do like it but I also like Georgia. I thought the next best step would be to start on the contents as this page would be just text and I could look at it a lot better.

I finally found a size that worked.

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