Monday, 5 March 2012

Cover Shoots 20th and 24th Feb

I decided to make the cover image really strong to draw people in. I loved the pastel trend and it really represents summer for me so I wanted to do another pastel shoot but change it from the other image. I decided to go more extreme with the make-up. So I decided to add more contouring and use a different coloured lip liner form the lipstick. I came up with a few different ideas on facecharts.

After deciding on my final look I practised on myself. From this image I didn't like how the colours looked together and the lips just looked washed out although this wasn't taken in a studio with a professional camera I didn't want to risk it.

So I started messing around with different colours and looks and came up with my final look.

I decide to make two covers. One for the front and one for the back page as I wanted to do another look. I was inspired by sunsets and hot summer colours like reds, golds etc.
After talking through my covers with my lectures, they came up with the idea of shooting the back of the models head so when you turn the page the images match up. I loved this idea so started researching and practising different hairstyles.

I put up a casting on model mayhem and was contacted by a photographer. She found me a model for the pastel cover and I found one for the sunset cover. The photographer misunderstood what I was using the images for, she didn't realise the magazine was going to be published, therefore I was not allowed to use the images from the pastel shoot and she had found the model through a modeling agency and the agency wouldn't allow me to use the images. The photographer wouldn't give me all of the images she only gave me a few to work with which I could not use and she would only give me edited images as she never gives out the raw images. These shoots weren't completely unsuccessful as I learnt that everything needs to be put in writing. i also will not work with this photographer again as she came across quite confrontational and we didn't click very well.

The sunset shoot looked great in the few images I was given and as the model was under 18 I had to get consent forms from her and her parents which they were happy to sign for me. The model has agreed to come back on the 9th of March and understands the complications I had with the photographer and are happy to re-shoot. I really like the over the shoulder pose but as you can see it doesn't mach up with the back of the head images so i have to re-shoot and make it clear to the photographer that they need to match up.

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