Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunset Cover Reshoot 5th Mar

 The sunset cover reshoot went really well. I used the same model as before as I knew she suited the make-up. I was really happy with the final look. However, I really struggled with the hair as I wasn't used to work with someone with such thick hair and just couldn't get it right, so I asked Steph to help me. As I was also photographing the back of the head this was a big issue.
These are the unedited and edited images.

This is the cover.
 As you can see I slightly changed the look. I made the eyeshadow go up to brow and I got rid of the bottom lashes. The reason i chose this image is because it's very strong. The model draws you in with her eyes, and this screams summer to me.
The only problem is the back doesn't match up 100% i need to make the shoulder on the front wider so they go to the edge of the page so it can match up with the back, I'm not sure how this will look so i'm going to ask Jason what he thinks is the best way to edit it.

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