Monday, 12 March 2012

Pastel Cover Re-shoot 8th Mar

After the complications I had with the previous photographer I had to re-shoot the pastel cover. This was meant to be the front cover however, after editing the sunset cover re-shoot on the friday this image was stronger and looked more like a cover.
This is the edited version so far. However I want to change the background to white. It was shot against a white backdrop but because the pastel make-up was so light it didn't show up as well when making the light brighter. I also need to edit the hair but i'm not 100% sure how to do this so i'm going to take it to Jason or Brent and see if they can help me. However I'm not sure this image is strong enough to be a cover. I do have other options but I can't get the back of the head to match up, so I may use this as my pastel trend rather than the cover and come up with a different concept for the other cover.
I did find a back image to match up with the front. This is it edited so far, it still needs work on the wispy hairs but when trying to edit this with the spot healing tool it went blurry so I need to get further help.

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