Sunday, 11 March 2012

Interview with Photographer Jennifer Frazer and Stylist Sophie Hawks

What do you expect when you come to a photo-shoot?

Jennifer Frazer: I expect punctuality, and good moods. I prefer to have an open and clean space ready to be used

Sophie Hawks: As a stylist, I'm quite organised, I like to know in advance exactly what outfits are being put together with what accessories and footwear. Therefore I like a photo shoot to be relaxed but organised. I hate chaotic situations and therefore plan ahead, put some music on and enjoy the photo shoot!

What do you expect from the Make-up Artist?

Jennifer Frazer: I expect them to work at a good pace. I expect no foundation lines and baby hairs to be invisible, I expect there attention throughout the shoot to ensure the standard is maintained.

Sophie Hawks:
I expect Make up artists to suggest their own ideas, if I were to give a brief outline of what I want the look to be like, I love it when a make up artists sees my vision and interprets it in his/her way.

What do you think is an important must have for a make-up artist?

Jennifer Frazer: clips and grips. It's so important and useful for every shoot and all aspects

Sophie Hawks: I think a signature style is good for a make up artists, similar to that of photographers, that you can see an image and know who has worked on it.

What’s a good quality for a make-up artist to have?

Jennifer Frazer: friendly! They are the first contact with the model, and the model needs to feel comfortable and in a good mood ready for the shoot.

Sophie Hawks: Friendly and chatty. I think the make up and hair process gives the model a chance to prepare for the shoot and chill out.

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