Sunday, 6 May 2012

UV Trend Shoot 15th Mar

This shoot had lots of testing before hand so I was quite confident when it came to doing the shoot. I had chosen a model that was quite experienced as I thought this would be a difficult shoot and look to pull of. I also chose the model because she had good skin and blemishes where more obvious with the UV lights than what they would be with normal lighting.

I had decided to do it at Photo Shoot Studio where I worked as I would be able to change the light blubs to UV one's easily and I felt I may need a more experienced photographer than the students I had be using. Also i had the option to use the studio all day so i wouldn't have been kicked out like at uni and worrying that i didn't have the shot.

The main issue I had with this shoot was that the shutter speed had to be so slow because there wasn't much light. The UV lights don't give out much light so when the shutter speed was high the pictures were almost completely black. How the model was good at sitting extremely still so we did get some that were in focus.
This is my final shot edited.
I then had to shoot the UV make-up products to go on the next page as this was one of my trends/ However, i couldn't do this at the studio as they don't have a light table so I shot it at uni. Here's the final image.

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