Sunday, 6 May 2012

About The Issue Shoot 18th Mar

This shoot was just an image to go along side the text about the issue. I had wanted to work with the model for a while and I've seen a lot of her work and beauty shoots seem to be more her thing so I thought she'd be great for this. I wanted to go with pastels and sugar colours to really clash and contrast with her dark skin tone. I felt the colours really looked great on her.

I did the shoot at Photo Shoot Studio again and I had worked with the photographer many times so I didn't think this would be an issue. However, on this shoot he was really unprofessional and did not listen to me or take my direction at all. Because of this I didn't have as many images to chose from as he was more interested in doing his own thing. Also i felt he was inappropriate as he was asking out the model and I felt this was extremely unprofessional, so I had to pull him aside and talk to him. This didn't go well I explained that I'm more than happy for him to take his own shots for his portfolio but I was concerned that I wasn't getting the imagery I wanted or needed. I then said to him that I didn't feel it was a good time to be asking out the model and he kept talking to her the whole time I was doing and touching up the make-up so I had to ask him to stop as I could not do a lip line while she was talking. He apologized and seemed to agree with me but he was then angry with me for the rest of the day.

After that the shoot was rather uncomfortable and awkward so, I looked through the images and found a few I liked and decided to finish the shoot early.

Here's the final shoot.

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