Sunday, 6 May 2012

Animalistic Back Cover 18th Mar

This was my second shoot of the day. I already had had complication with the photographer that morning so I decided to go home and come back before the shoot to give him some space hoping this would make things better. It did for a little while except half way through the shoot he started shouting and swearing for no reason. I tried to ignore it and just try to make my model comfortable. After his outburst the shoot went fine.

I decided to go for a lot of contouring and a lot of gold and bronzes. The reason for the colours as they are warm colours and as the magazine would be released the summer time I though this would tie in with the season well. I wanted it to contrast with the cover image. The cover image is soft, and pretty and I wanted this image to be really strong and powerful as it's the last thing the reader will see. Like the cover when you turn the page the back of the head matches up.

I felt this shoot went well and I loved the model's look, but she was not great at posing and I felt I had to put her into a pose and is was quite hard work.

After the model had gone home i decided I needed to talk to the photographer about his behaviour on the shoots. I explained that if it was work he was being paid for he would never of been like that and not only did he make me uncomfortable but my models also and this was unacceptable. He did not want to listen so I dropped it but he started screaming and swearing in my face so I decided to quit my job then. I have still credited him in the magazine but unfortunately I will not work with him again.

I then edited the image and turned it into a magazine cover.
However, when showing my lectures they felt a little confused by the two covers and suggested I removed the text. So this is the final image, and the back.

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