Sunday, 6 May 2012

Test Copy

I still hadn't finished the magazine but while I was home for easter I felt it was important to get a text copy of FaceCake to check colours, images, fonts, text and paper.This way I would know what to expect when my final copy was ready to print. I put the whole magazine on InDesign in order so I could see the layout and how much more I needed to do. I only had 4 blank pages left.

When the test copy came back I took it in to Uni to discuss with my lectures. A few things needed editing. We decided that some of the sections in the magazine needed introductions. So I went back and added them. One issue I did have was that some of my images came out a little yellow. Therefore I had to pull down the yellow colouring on Photoshop and I also spoke to my printers about this issue. They did suggest that this might be because of the paper so I then tested another type of paper and this was no longer an issue. Another issue I had was that some of the pages that were meant to be white came out a little grey. I discussed this with my printers and they fixed the issue for me.

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