Monday, 7 May 2012

Behind The Scenes 24th Mar

I thought it was really important to do a behind the scenes section in FaceCake. I thought this would appeal to my target audience as I am aiming FaceCake who may be considering or starting a career in make-up they may not have experienced a professional photoshoot before so I thought this would be extremely useful to them. Also I thought this would appeal to people who have an interest in make-up and the fashion industry as they can see what goes on behind closed doors.

I knew I wanted this image to be really strong and powerful. The reason for this was that I had put a lot of nice and pretty imagery in the magazine I wanted some of the images to be a bit more edgy and as there is a lot of text to go along side this image I thought it would make people stop and pay attention to this.

My photographer was Hannah Newman. She did a lot of the photography in FaceCake as we really clicked well and she was great to work with. She takes direction well, always comes prepared and has loads of ideas.

I did the shoot in steps. The first photograph was of the make-up table, the second was of me touching up the make-up on the shoot and the third was looking at the images on the computer. The final Image is featured on the next page.

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