Thursday, 9 February 2012

Make-up Trends

After deciding that I wanted to create a make-up magazine I had to decide what to put into it and start researching. I decided to look into make-up trends for Spring/ Summer 2012 as I thought I'd show examples and how you can put your own twist on them.

The first trend I came across was "Heavy Metal". I discovered this on the Vogue website. Many designers are sporting this trend. Such as Fendi, DSquared2, John Galliano, Rodarte, Lanvin, Ashish and Georgio Armani. These are some of the looks

I then decided to design a "Heavy Metal" look to put into the magazine.

The second look I looked at was sugar pastels. I found this trend on WGSN. This is one of their youth trends. I also found the hypercolour brows trend. I really love both these trends and thought I could combine these trends together to add a twist to sugar pastels. I knew straight away that I wanted to do this trend so I started planning facecharts. Once deciding on a look I wanted to create I booked a studio for the 2nd of Feb and asked a photographer and stylist that I had worked with previously.

The next trend I decided to put in the magazine was UV. I thought this would be fun and a great learning experience working with UV paints and lights. I will need to test different make-up products under the UV lights to see how they photograph.


  1. I really dont have the confidence to pull of dark lipstick, although I love the look of the purple lipsticks!

  2. I kind of like this looks.. I never wear my make up like this.. but maybe i need to experiment a little more..