Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Agenda Beauty Interview

1. Why did you decide to make a makeup brand?
Jayne: Working within the industry for many years I have always had a passion for make-up and colour; as a make-up artist I work with make up as an art form for the face: like at artist painting on a live canvas. From all my experience within the industry I never found a range that was adaptable, fun to use, exciting, edgy, attainable that created a consumer lifestyle brand as well as being creative and formulated with up and coming make-up artists in mind so I decided to create my own.  

2. What has been the biggest challenge in making this brand?
Jayne: Over the three years from concept to the launch it has been very important to me to create a brand that is suitable for both female and male skins. The range needed to be product friendly; not tested on animals, hypo-allergenic, noncomedogenic and with paraben free formulas. Eye and Cheek Colours I wanted to be able to be mixed together like an artist’s palette so each colour is especially triple milled to create long lasting extra fine powders just as if they were individual paint pots. agenda beauty had to offer a range of 'artist' products that created many effects, being easy as well as fun to use. This is synonymous in the various product names, colours, quirky products like LipDuet two different colours fused together; one for day one for night! Eye colours that become waterproof with Wet2Dry, Body graffiti that stays with GlitzyFix.
3. What has been the most rewarding thing about creating agenda beauty?
Jayne: Since some people have been able to sneak preview the range before the actual launch in March this year it has been really overwhelming how the range has already created a real interest and excitement within the market place for consumers as well as make-up artists, just as I always intended.  
Laura-jane: I have been working alongside my mother for the last few months. Agenda beauty has always been a huge part of our family throughout the last few years. We have laughed over product names and attended beauty, makeup and fashion shows together. I have loved every part of the journey so far, and to hear the response to agenda beauty has been amazing.  
4. Where do you see agenda beauty in 5 years times? 
Jayne: I am already working on an Agenda Beauty skin care range which will be launched later this year the products will be made from plant extracts, minerals and vitamins precisely formulated to produce optimum results, identifying all gender skin types from oily to even the most sensitive. Early 2013 a body and nail range will be launched. My marketing philosophy is to make agenda beauty a well-known marketing professional and lifestyle brand here in the UK and then we plan to expand the brand and unique concept globally.
Laura-jane: in 5 years time I want to be working alongside makeup artists, and those in the fashion show both here and internationally. I really want to create a partnership with         professionals, and lovers. I intend to provide opportunities at fashion shows with agenda beauty for artists with experience or those individuals who are creating their own photo shoot portfolios.

5. How do you think agenda beauty differs from other makeup brands?
Jayne: agenda beauty offers a new exciting dimension into the beauty consumer market in the form of a fun, innovative, range that has been created by someone that has many years  experience within the beauty professional both here in the UK and Internationally. Colours and formulas have been specially formulated to achieve a fun, dramatic, achievable range for individuals who love make up and colour. Each season new exciting synonymous trend and fashion shades and products will be added, creating a continuing interest at every level of the business from the consumer to the media…....
Laura-jane: it provides high quality products with the emphasis on working together with individuals that want to join us in taking the brand forward. We have created a brand that we know consumers as well as make-up artists will love, and the website will offer the opportunity to create contacts and give feedback and ideas. We cannot wait to hear even more positive feedback, and profiling more artists work on www.agendabeauty.com

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