Thursday, 9 February 2012

2nd Feb Pastel Shoot

The pastel shoot didn't go as well as I planned. There were a lot of complications. My model's train came in 30 mins late so we started late. The photographer Jennifer Frazer and stylist Sophie Hawks had to leave at 1pm rather than 2pm so my shoot got shortened but I had booked the studio all morning just in case I needed extra time. I loved working with the model Sarah Capon. I found her on model mayhem so she had some experience and was happy to do the shoot without payment as I'm trying to keep costs down. We worked really well together and she really knows how to move in the front of the camera and she was comfortable trying different poses and expressions.

I have worked with the photographer and stylist before and I really enjoyed the experience and I love their work. Unfortunately this shoot didn't go as well as previous shoots. I wasn't to keen on the styling I felt it came across too commercial. I like my shots to be edgy and dramatic and I felt this way very young and looked like it would appear in a different kind of magazine like seventeen magazine or cosmogirl. I want the magazine to be more high end and have a more professional appearance. Although saying this the stylist did go with the colour palette I wanted it was just more cute and young than I expected.

The make-up looked good but could of been improved. The lips were the most difficult part and this was the part that needs to be improved upon. The colour just wasn't right, it just wasn't pale enough and didn't look pastel enough, but this can be edited on photoshop. I knew I had to work on my lip liner so I'd practiced before the shoot and I think it showed in the final images that I had been putting the work in.

I'm still unsure if I'm going to use the images, as they can be cropped so I may be able to cut out a lot of the styling and really zoom in on the make-up. If this works and I'm happy with the overall image then i may use them but I'm going to practice some other styles to show the pastel trend and these ideas may work better in the magazine.

After editing the photos I have decided to re-shoot. I loved the overall look with a few exceptions but I want to carry on with the idea and take it further. I want to put pastels through the hair i'm going to practise with aquacolours and with coloured hair sprays to she what works best, if neither work maybe using coloured fabric or ribbon through the hair and see how this looks. My model is happy to re-shoot the image, I decided to carry on using Sarah. She's a great model, she has experience and knows how to move in front of the camera and she has a great look, and the contrast with her dark hair and the pastels and her pale skin worked great.

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