Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Behind The Scenes Write Up

For a photoshoot as a make-up artist you have to be prepared. Make sure you have time to set up before your model gets there. Get everything you will need out of your kit and lay it out neatly on the table. It not only makes things easier for you, it looks professional and leaves a good impression. Remember to ask your model if they are allergic to anything such as latex or particular cleansers, toners of moisterisers.

Once you've done the make-up your job is not finished. Be prepared and ready to jump in the photoshoot if something doesn't look right. If a hairs out of place or the make-up creases the camera will pick it up so be ready to fix it. Keep your brushes and things you may need on you such as lipstick, finishing powder, a pintail comb, eyelash glue.

Keep thinking ahead, things may go wrong and you have to be ready to sort it out. Shadow the photographer and ask for their opinion, another set of eyes may pick up on things you haven't. Ask to see how the model is photographing, there may be a pose that highlights the make-up and you may want more of images like these for your portfolio.

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